Vegetation modeling group

Welcome to the website of the Vegetation Modeling group!

The aim of the vegetation modeling group is to develop statistical and modeling tools to improve our ability to understand vegetation patterns and  to anticipate changes in those patterns.


Research lines

Ecological Modeling: Ecological models are invaluable tools that allow ecologists to integrate knowledge about how ecosystems work in order to make reliable predictions under different scenarios. We aim to develop process-based and  models of vegetation functioning and dynamics at several scales, from stands to landscapes and regions. 

Ecological StatisticsTo describe and explain of the observed vegetation patterns at several scales we need advanced statistical methods designed to answer specific research questions. We aim to develop, test, and compare statistical methods for the analysis of vegetation structure and dynamics. Even though we focus mostly in vegetation, some of these analytical tools are suitable for studying both plants and animal communities.



Address: Ctra. St. Llorenç de Morunys km 2, 25280 Solsona, Catalunya (Spain)
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