Miquel De Cáceres


Background and interests: As an ecologist, I am primarily interested in the description and explanation of the observed patterns at the species and community levels. During my Ph.D. (Botany, Plant Ecology, University of Barcelona) and postdoctoral (Sciences Biologiques, Université de Montréal) studies, I developed a keen interest and ability to develop, test, and compare statistical methods for ecologists with extensive use of numerical simulations. Even though I have worked mostly in vegetation, I have collaborated and published with community ecologists working with both plants and animals. Ecological models are invaluable tools that allow ecologists to integrate knowledge about how ecosystems work in order to make reliable predictions. When applied to the prediction of species distributions, ecological models are necessarily complex, because they need to be dynamic, spatially explicit, and to incorporate biological interactions. My current research (Biodiversity Area, Forest Science Center of Catalonia) includes the development of such models. My long-term research plan includes working in two ecology domains with a strong numerical component: Ecological statistics and Ecological modelling. Both domains require deep understanding of ecological questions and strong skills in mathematics, statistics and numerical simulations.


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