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The overall aim of our research is to develop statistical and modeling tools to improve our ability to understand vegetation patterns and to anticipate changes in those patterns.

Ecological Modeling

Ecological models are invaluable tools that allow ecologists to integrate knowledge about how ecosystems work in order to make reliable predictions under different scenarios. We aim to develop process-based eco-hydrological models of forest functioning and dynamics at scales from stands to landscapes.

Ecological Statistics

To describe and explain of the observed vegetation patterns at several scales we need statistical methods tailored to answer specific research questions. We aim to develop, test, and compare statistical methods for the analysis of vegetation structure, composition and dynamics.

Check our specific research lines and list of R packages below.

Research lines


Forest beta diversity and dynamics

Develop tools for assessing spatial and temporal variation of forests in structure and composition

Forest meteorology and drought monitoring

Estimation of historic and future weather over forested landscapes

Indicator species analysis

To improve statical methods to determine indicator species

Mediterranean forest simulation

Process-based models to simulate functioning and dynamics of Mediterranean forests

Vegetation classification

Conceptual and quantitative tools for the creation and maintenance of classifications

Recent Publications


Vegetation functioning and dynamics

Landscape meteorology tools

Statistical relationship between species and groups of sites

Fuzzy clustering of vegetation data

List of additional R packages and functions

Catalan Forest Laboratory

A scientific information facility about forest structure and functioning over Catalonia (Spain)


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We seek a postdoc interested in modelling forest functioning and dynamics (open till August 31st).


Current members


Miquel De Cáceres

Senior researcher

Ecological statistics, Ecological modelling

Previous members


Antoine Cabon

Former Ph.D. student

Forest ecophysiology, Ecological modelling