Forest meteorology and drought monitoring


Reliable meteorological data are a basic requirement for hydrological and ecological studies at the landscape scale. Given the large spatial variation of topographic features in complex reliefs, meteorological records from a single weather station are often not representative of entire landscapes. Moreover, studies addressing the impacts of climate change on forests and landscapes require downscaling coarse-scale predictions of climate models to the landscape scale.


With the aim to assist research of climate impacts on forests, the R package meteoland provides utilities to estimate daily weather variables at any position in complex terrains:

  • Spatial interpolation of daily weather records from meteorological stations.
  • Statistical downscaling of coarse-scale meteorological data to the landscape scale.

Publication list

  • De Caceres M, Martin-StPaul N, Turco M, Cabon A, Granda V (2018) Estimating daily meteorological data and downscaling climate models over landscapes. Environmental Modelling and Software 108: 186-196 (doi:10.1016/j.envsoft.2018.08.003).