Climatic data sources

[spatial extent, spatial resolution, temporal extent, temporal resolution]

  • EU-WATCH [World, 0.5º, 1975-2012, daily]: UE-WATCH was an international project about water resources that produced homogenized climate data over the world based on Era-interim re-analysis.
  • DAYMET [US, 1 km , 1980-, daily]
  • WorldClim (World, 10 arc min, 1950-2000, monthly climatic averages)
  • ESGFThe ESGF (Earth System Grid Federation) web site that centralizes climate data from GCM and RCM uploaded in the frame of different international consortium, including the CORDEX regionalisation project (data access link).
  • CCAFS: Downscaled GCM data provided by the CGIAR research program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS).
  • AEMET open data (Spain, local, 1990-, subdaily): Open data web portal of the Spanish Meteorological Agency (AEMET).
  • SMC open data (Catalonia, local, up to two years bp, subdaily): Open data web portal of the Servei Meteorògic de Catalunya.
  • AdapteCCa: Visor de escenarios (Spain; 11 km; seasonal).

Physiological data

  • SAPFLUXNET A global database for sapflux measurements

Soil data sources

(spatial extent, spatial resolution)

Remote sensing

Drought monitoring

Weather generators and wind simulators

Eco-hydrological models

Fire behavior models

Fire visualisation

Fire rating systems

R packages for climate

  • List of R packages for hydrology
  • qmap: Perform quantile mapping for the correction of RCM predictions using observed meteorological data.
  • meteoForecast: Access to several Numerical Weather Prediction services both in raster format and as a time series for a location.
  • insol: Functions to compute insolation in complex terrains.
  • RMAWGEN: Weather generation.
  • RationShop: Wilks’ method of multi-site precipitation generation.