Ecological modelling

Post-doctoral position offered

We seek a postdoc interested in modelling forest functioning and dynamics (open till August 31st).

Modelling root distribution in water-limited forests

Drought is a key driver of vegetation dynamics, but plant water‐uptake patterns and consequent plant responses to drought are poorly understood at large spatial scales. The capacity of vegetation to use soil water depends on its root distribution …

Estimating daily weather and downscaling RCMs over landscapes

High-resolution meteorological data are necessary to understand and predict climate-driven impacts on the structure and function of terrestrial ecosystems. However, the spatial resolution of climate reanalysis data and climate model outputs is often …

Managing stand density to enhance the adaptability of Scots pine stands to climate change: A modelling approach

In the Mediterranean region most climatic forecasts predict longer and more intense drought periods that can affect tree growth and mortality over broad geographic regions. One of the silvicultural treatments that has gained currency to lessen the …

Effect of climatic and soil moisture conditions on mushroom productivity

Wild mushrooms contribute to a variety of ecosystem services. The expected warmer and drier conditions for the Mediterranean region as a consequence of climate change, are raising concerns about future mushroom pro- ductivity due to potential …

Forest meteorology and drought monitoring

Estimation of historic and future weather over forested landscapes

Mediterranean forest simulation

Process-based models to simulate functioning and dynamics of Mediterranean forests

Water balance in forest inventory plots

Mechanistic water balance models can be used to predict soil moisture dynamics and drought stress in individual forest stands. Predicting current and future levels of plant drought stress is important not only at the local scale, but also at larger, …